Iya Fureai Park -Part 3 | High-Wire Thrills with Forest Adventure



Swing from the trees and then zip-line over the Iya River with Forest Adventure at the Iya Fureai Park. Located in the center of Miyoshi City’s Nishi-Iya, you can also engage with nature in a variety of other activities here, including a hillside monorail, camping, and woodworking.

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Getting connected to the forests of Iya

If seeking a bit more adventure than what can be had with the Ladybug MonoRider, opt instead to swing from the trees with Forest Adventure.

Within the forest here they have a series of challenging rope courses high up in the air between the trees. There is also a long zip-line which goes across the Iya River and back again, offering a way to experience the Iya Valley unlike anything else.

Preparing for an Iya adventure

At Iya Fureai Park’s main building the helpful staff of Forest Adventure will set you up with all you need. First they will outfit you with a harness and other suspension safety gear, making sure that you are securely set.

If you need some boots, they also have these available in a wide range of sizes, and they also have some strap on pouches to put your phone or camera in as well.

The adventure course is located in the forest across the footbridge a few minute walk away.

Seeking thrills in the tree-tops of Miyoshi

After a short hike up into a forest of massive cedar trees, other staff are on hand to get you into the course. They are all particularly attentive and instructive, with your safety and enjoyment being their top priorities.

From your first step off the ground you are continuously connected to the thick wire cable that weaves itself through the course with both a main pulley as well as a secondary safety clip.

Going from tree to tree while suspended five to ten meters above the ground, there are over 30 invigorating obstacles to accomplish which are sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

The full course takes about 2 hours to complete. At first it may seem a bit scary, but by the end you will certainly develop both more skill and more confidence with this well designed course.

In all, it is a really cool and fun activity for friends and families and a great way to interact with nature.

Zip-lining over the Iya River

While the Kazurabashi Vine Bridge may be the Iya Valley’s most unique way to cross the river, with many people feeling that the creaking vines are pretty scary to walk upon, probably the most thrilling way to cross the Iya River is with Forest Adventure’s long zip-line.

The 360 meter zip-line is the final challenge of the rope course, and the pair of wires suspended across the valley allow you to go both ways over the emerald waters of the Iya River.

If the zip-line seems too scary to try after doing the main rope course, then it is also possible to opt out of the zip-line. And it is also possible to do the zip-line on its own without needing to do the whole rope course for a lower fee.

But without a doubt, it is super fun.

The zip-line first starts in the forest and then quickly emerges from the trees. Now suspended 50 meters over the Iya River, the view is amazing and most people feel the need to scream with excitement.

Once on the other side, you need to catch your breath and reconnect yourself for the ride back. The second time across is just as thrilling, and a fantastic way to finish the course.

All in all, the activities on offer at Iya Fureai Park allow anyone and everyone a chance to interact with the beautiful nature of the Iya Valley!

Forest Adventure Iya Valley

Forest Adventure is open daily, but on severe weather days it may be closed. Advanced reservations would be helpful, especially if planning to go on a weekend or holiday.


Iya Fureai Park

Open daily 9am-5pm (closed Jan 10- March 1)

Tel: 0883-76-8585 (Japanese only)


For English, contact the Miyoshi Tourism Department here:


(Text & Photos by: Shaun Lamzy)